PEFC Sustainable Forestry Management



The Sustainable Forest Management certificate offers sufficient confidence that the forestry management processes of its holder is economically feasible, appropriate in terms of the environment and beneficial to society.

The certificate declares compliance by certified organisations with all the indicators set forth in UNE 162002-1 and 162002-2 standards, promoting the sustainability of forest resources and the maintenance and development of the forest mass.

This certification includes the issuing of the AENOR GFS and a licence to use the PEFE mark, which is owned by the Pan-European Forest Certification Council, (PEFCC), which is based in Luxembourg.

The benefits of this certificate for companies are:

  • The possibility of demonstrating to clients and the public in general that the organisation promotes Sustainable Forest Management and subsequently, the conservation of European forest resources.
  • Having a marketing tool for achieving differentiation from other organisations and increasing competitiveness in the forestry sector.
  • Improving on existing forest management systems.
  • Promoting the creation of forest associations, integrating the management of small private-owned forest areas and through this, fostering the establishment of management plans in all forest areas, and saving on certification costs.

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