Preventive Equipment Maintenance Services



GEA Farm Technologies technicians are among the best in the world when it comes to fixing your milking equipment and maintaining it at peak performance. This contributes to your milk quality, your cows' udder health, and your peace of mind. Ask your dealer today about ServicePlus, our scheduled maintenance program, and the benefits that will come with it.

Regular equipment maintenance contributes to milk quality by keeping your total bacteria count low: change of hoses and rubber parts that, with time, harbor bacteria, and evaluation of the mechanical aspects of equipment cleaning.

ServicePlus also helps you protect the udder health of your cows. Worn out pulsator parts don't promote a good teat message and vacuum systems lose capacity over time; faulty regulators don't maintain stable vacuum. ServicePlus will prevent these problems that compromise udder health and milk quality.

ServicePlus gives you more control over your milking operation. It minimizes emergencies due to equipment breakdowns. And with regular maintenance, you can better predict your expenses, manage your budget more accurately, and your equipment will work at peak performance regardless of age.

Our highly trained technicians use original GEA Farm Technologies parts, which are replaced according to the manufacturer recommendations.

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