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Synagro Technologies, Inc.

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Our 25 years of experience has taught us much more than how to create high-performing end fertilizer and soil amendment products.  It has also taught us best methods for how to distribute some of the most nutrient-rich sources of fertilizer available to farmers, growers and end users.

Generators, Municipalities & Private Corporations

Thanks to our tried-and-true processes, generators can address their natural waste challenges in ways that create the most beneficial and reusable end products possible.

We provide added value to their waste streams, enabling generators to produce high-quality products that are 100% environmentally safe and sustainable.  We offer the best, purest, and most affordable way for farmers and growers to benefit their businesses.

If you are a generator please call or email us for a free consultation on how we can help transform your natural waste challenges into rich, high performing and marketable end product.

Farmers, Gardeners & End Consumers

Synagro sells recycled biosolids fertilizer, pellets and compost to farmers, landowners and recreational gardeners around the country at competitor crushing prices.  Our customers are more than satisfied.

Our Fertilizer Products

Contain some of the richest nutrients available—and release those nutrients naturally and slowly for maximum effect. Have undergone extensive treatment and transformation, ensuring they are safe, high-quality and rich with essential nutrients that chemical fertilizers simply can’t offer. Sell at a fraction of the price of “traditional” fertilizers and hold far greater benefits.

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