Aquaconsultant Acuicultura Y Servicios, S.L.U.

Aquaconsultant Acuicultura Y Servicios, S.L.U.

Research and Technical Projects Services


In AQUACONSULTANT ACUICULTURA Y SERVICIOS, S.L.U. we are aware of the difficulties faced by developers in the development of newaquaculture projects.

In order to complexity, the studies in AQUACONSULTANT in order tocomplexity are:

1. Projects in maritime-terrestrial public domain.
2. Projects of marine and fresh water aquaculture authorizations.
European Development Funds Subvention Projects.
4. Site selection studies of aquaculture facilities.

Our advice on the recommended level of technology depends on the location of the facility, the economic aspects and phases of farmingdeveloped in the project.

And thanks to the strong innovative character we implemented in our projects, we design customized solutions for our customers, usingamong others, the concepts of polyculture, integrated aquaculture and organic farming, recycling and waste treatment.

Our experience in development projects include a large number of aquatic species of algae, mollusks, crustaceans and fishes, so we have the capacity to develop projects for any farmed species.

In our company we are specialized in the development of technical projects for inland and marine aquaculture in the following growth patterns:

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