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One size does not fit all not all fish cultured have the same nutritional requirements. So, why supply broodstock or larvae with nutritional additives that were developed for other species?

Nutrakol nutritional products include NutraBrood broodstock feed additives and Arti-Kol live feed enrichments. Unlike any other off-the-shelf commercial products, Nutrakol products are ‘tailor-made’ to fish species and can include any specific nutrients.

The Nutritional additives may include natural ingredients (such as herbal extracts) to support the immune system, gonadal development, digestive system etc.

Perfect for commercial hatcheries working with new species and/or R&D institutes looking at effects of specific nutrient or different levels of nutrients. Some of the species which additives/diets already being developed for include: groupers, lutijan sp. Seriola sp., Hapuka, tuna, Patagonian toothfish, black cod, tropical lobster and many others.

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