Restaurant Services


We specialize in the food service industry. We work late at night when most companies refuse to, or will charge you extra to serve your needs. We understand you can’t close your business for certain services. Our technicians are working every night to take care of your needs at no extra cost.

The Health Department conducts unannounced inspections of restaurants at least once a year. Inspectors check for compliance in food handling, food temperature, personal hygiene and vermin and insect control and access points. Every inspection starts at 100%. Each violation of a regulation deducts a certain number of points. At the end of the inspection, the inspector deducts the points from the 100%, and this number is the restaurant's inspection score the higher the score, the better. For more information about scoring, contact us directly.

As a business, your success and reputation depend on building trust with loyal and new customers. Unfortunately, a problem with rats, mice, cockroaches, fruit flies, or other pests can quickly tarnish that reputation. But their impact doesn't stop at your bottom line - pests in or around your building can also pose a threat to your business.

Don’t risk getting your doors closed, losing customers or a low grade because of a few health issues. We have the experience to repair a wide variety of heath violations before it hurts your business. Schedule a no obligation pre-inspection and we will inform you of the possible violations that could affect your business.

We have the know-how to show you where possible violations are located. And repair them as well.

  • Tile and grout repair
  • Wall repair
  • FRP panel replacement and installation
  • Stainless steel repair and installation
  • Painting
  • Water damage wall repair
  • Ceiling tile replacement and repair
  • Many other services

Everything that we do is 100% guaranteed. So call us to schedule a free inspection and comprehensive no-obligation quote.

  • Customized cleaning and maintenance programs
  • Uniformed, fully trained technicians, never subcontractors
  • Fully insured emergency experts
  • County-to-county service, perfect for multiple accounts
  • Our 100% satisfaction guarantee

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