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The Tiller Roll has a heavy thick drum to provide a means to fix an unusually large quantity of teeth with convex and concave edges which form very small acute tapering recesses, the rows of teeth around the drum have been arranged to provide between them in the axial direction a small gap of 52mm, where a strong precise scraper design with a simple one nut adjustment, and a replaceable hardox wear plate enters, which is set close to the drum to interact with the convex leading edge to facilitate the removal of material. The Tiller Roll design incorporates an adjustable link within a parallelogram to provide an exact depth control keeping the machine level and the scrapers at the same distant from the ground at all height settings.

The Multi-Tooth Tiller roll is pulled over the ground and unlike all known machinery the clods enter and completely fill up the unusually small acute tapering recesses which restrict the clods from moving sideways, forward and rearwards, further forward motion and the weight of the rotor and the unyielding ground forces the clods tighter into the recesses mixing, tillering, levelling, crushing and stretching them internally in their natural weak fissures, further crushing and mixing occurs as the strong precise scrapers set low to the ground removes the tightly held material, which also helps prevent a build up of trash and facilitates a good level soil structure loosely consolidated with pore spaces and the upper surface fine tilth deposited under the small clods which is the perfect conditions for the seed to contact the soil to draw it's nutrients, water and energy to propagate it's root growth through the soil.

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