Seed Bin Cleaning & Repair Services


The use of the seed box is the most rapidly growing package in the agricultural industry today. The seed box is an effective means of delivering all types of seed (corn, soy, cotton, wheat, treated, untreated, etc.) Tri Rinse has worked with our customers to develop custom management and tracking programs that offer cleaning and repair services catering to their specific seed box fleet needs.

Tri Rinse custom designed an inventory tracking application, I-Tracker, that tracks seed boxes throughout their life cycle and is regulatory compliant. During processing, this system tracks and records the services performed while providing step-by-step framework and process control for operators performing services. This enables customers to have accurate inventory of their assets and allows them to deploy assets strategically, effectively, and without risk of cross contamination.

Tri Rinse Seed Bin Cleaning and Repair programs include the following services:

  • Tracking: All boxes can be bar code or RFID tagged with a unique ID number which is used to track the container throughout its life cycle.
  • Inspection: All boxes are then inspected to determine cleaning, repair, and replacement parts required.
  • Cleaning: With the use of heat, high pressure, and cleaning agents, Tri Rinse can create a custom cleaning process to achieve the customer specified level of cleanliness.
  • Repair: Tri Rinse will perform cosmetic or structural welding and replace any damaged parts. All labels, pouches, and placard plates can also be replaced.
  • Quality: Quality control laboratory sampling is done to ensure the customer specified level of cleanliness is achieved. A quality inspection checklist is completed to ensure each box is ready for service.
  • Reporting and Inventory: Tri Rinse will create custom inventory and service reports as requested by customers.
  • Warehousing: With over 200,000 square feet of storage space Tri Rinse can offer warehousing services for seed boxes to fit your fleet’s needs.
  • Onsite services: For our customers with large fleets of seed boxes Tri Rinse is willing to look at the logistical challenges facing your seed box fleet and develop a long term solution to help you reduce your overall freight and logistic cost. The solution can range from mobile service offerings, to a satellite facility located within an existing warehouse or seed packaging plant.

Tri Rinse has developed a comprehensive program to repair damaged seed boxes effectively extending their service life. with one of the industry’s leading seed companies. The repair program allows Tri Rinse to remove damaged sections from a seed box and weld in a repair piece. The welding is completed by Tri Rinse plastic welders who are trained and certified by Deutscher Verband für Schweiβen und verwandte Verfahren e . V. (DVS). All plastic welds have been thoroughly tested and qualified by TEN-E packaging to ensure it meets UN standards. Tri Rinse is able to offer the highest quality of welding service in the industry today.

Due to the nature of the seed treatment products (dyes specifically) and the risks of cross contamination between treated and untreated seed, the agriculture industry has recognized a need for cleaning these boxes between uses. Tri Rinse has developed cleaning processes customized specifically to meet the challenges of our customers’ products and seed box cleaning needs. Wipe testing is done to gauge the level of cleanliness and confirm service of cleaning.

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