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We at Storti are well aware that the mixer wagon is a machine which must work perfectly every day of the year. This is why all our mixer wagons have been designed and produced so that maintenance is reduced and simplified and so that any service work on it can be carried out easily and rapidly.

Quality at Storti in fact doesn't only mean perfect construction techniques but also world wide after-sales service for our customers.

Cattle breeders who own a Storti mixer wagon can rest at ease, safe in the knowledge that they can call on Storti technicians, who are always ready and available to solve any problems that should arise regarding the way the machine works, even over the phone.

Furthermore a fine network of dealers and technicians guarantees rapid and efficient service at any site.Prompt and speedy, the Storti travelling mechanic's garage with expert assemblers work together to solve the farm problems.Well-stocked warehouses ensure that original spare parts are always available for all of the current mixer wagon models as well as for those produced by the Storti Group over the last twenty years.

The cattle breeders are issued with illustrated manuals of all the working parts for each individual machine, which are so detailed that they are able to find out easily where any problem lies. Storti considers it very important that all their in-house technicians as well as the dealers' technicians should be properly trained.

In fact every year numerous training and updating courses are held for both Italian technicians and those from abroad so that we can offer a precise and efficient consultancy and after-sales service to all our customers. We can safely say that a Storti mixer wagon is never abandoned on its own whether it is in a small agricultural centre in Italy or in a far off country in the world.

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