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We have an outstanding staff of service technicians who are willing to do what it takes to keep our agricultural customers productive. They take great pride in being a Certified Dealership and are continually participating in factory training.

Our Service Staff personnel include:

  • Service Manager-Bob Shald
  • Service Writer-Matt Ketteler
  • Tractor Service Foreman-Duane Neiman
  • Combine & Planter Service Foreman-Trent Schaaf
  • Set up & Trucking Foreman-Kenny Bendig
  • ATV & Lawn Care Foreman-Jeremy Troidl

 Technicians include: Mike Gentele, Mark Hash, Ben Klinger, Baxter Klinger, Tehran Klinger, Chris Troidl, Randy Miksch, Jeremiah Welborn, Ray Timmerman, Kole Olberding, Lance Korinko, Katie Williamson, Steve Scofield, and Trucking- Cameron Miller. Part time maintenance include Kylie Bendig, Dalton Hopson, and David Ryan. Customer Service Rep and Product Specialist- Randy Bilstein.

Precision Farming Specialist-Bob Mahood and Nate Kelly

Service Inspection Programs
Please ask about our winter service inspection programs for:
Tractors, Combines, Hay Equipment, Planters, and Irrigation Engines.

Special Abilities:
Diagnostics using the Case-IH computer service tool. Advanced Farming System yield monitors, and Satellite Global Positioning Systems used for field mapping and machine guidance. Irrigation engine repairs in the field and the ability to quickly remove or replace the complete engine.

Auto Guidance Products for Agricultural Equipment are becoming the new standard for productivity. Mitchell Equipment has invested heavily in these products and would like to assist our producers in obtaining the correct system to take advantage of this new technology.

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