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Service and Repairs to Machines

At Moore Horticulture Equipment we pride ourselves in the quality of our service, with decades of experience and manufacturer based training to help support our product. The reason our workshop exists is primarily to provide full after sales servicing and repairs for all chainsaws, lawnmowers, and garden machinery which WE have supplied, new or used.

We aim to offer this to the highest standard and with the best value possible for any customer who has supported us when they purchased, we really do appreciate the business. Customers can help by servicing in winter (not spring!) to avoid long delays.

Please note to help us help you ride-on mowers must always be booked in for service or repairs, due to workload and storage space restrictions.

Service - for low cost product and machines not supplied by us

We unfortunately find after-sales and service are not often the first priority in customers mind as they shop online or for cheaper garden machinery-but it should be! The attraction of a low price product often quickly disappears as the user struggles initially to assemble and start his new machine, the truth of the matter is that much of what looks good on the web is often cynically designed for very short useful life, often also not designed to be repaired. This is the reason we don't sell this type of equipment, as customers are presenting us with cheap online products which are simply not worth our time or their money to repair. 

Some cheap products, for example, can often take two or three hours to effect a simple repair like fitting a new starter rope where a quality machine can often have the same repair carried out in a few minutes. 
We have previously tried to help customers keep cheap product running in the vain hope that they will learn their lesson, and buy a quality product from us next time, only to find that the same folk often reoffend buying something no better on the web or from a diy store, on price alone, and again present us with the same problems a second time, all because of initial poor quality design and build. We have also found the type of customer who does not want to buy proper equipment does not want to pay to have it repaired, certainly not our problem if we didn't supply it!

For this reason we have moved to a policy of not repairing low end product, after all that is the reason we don't sell it!

We are sorry if this might cause offence, but customers need to realise their cheap machines are not worth our time to repair. Some car dealers charge up to many times our labour rate for repairs, with staff on similar pay scale, and even though our labour rate is much lower, a £99.00 strimmer is designed to be thrown away, not repaired.

We may be able to service or repair some other reputable brands but only at quieter times or out of busy season. Please contact us first. Labour charged out against repairs of machines we supply is at a lower rate than if we haven't supplied them.

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