Every owner wants to get a good harvest. Over a long period of time you have done a lot of work, treated, fertilized, seeded his field. You were waiting for just one - to see a friendly at home, ripe, bloodshot ears of wheat, round, warmed by sunlight sunflower heads, high corn cobs with heavy.

The time to harvest!
Our company is aware of your progress is not easy work, and responsibility with which you approach the harvest, the desire to preserve and collect every single grain with no losses.

We provide services for the harvest.
Mechanized units consist of a new harvester New Holland. Combines New Holland is a leading global engineering design in the field of agricultural engineering, equipped with the latest technology. This is an excellent example of how progress and technology can change the quality of the harvest.

Our mechanized troops are based in Kirovohrad, Vinnytsia, Poltava and Luhansk regions. We quickly respond to your request and we will arrive at any point of Ukraine as soon as possible.

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