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Our clients are some of America's top logging companies.  They work hard to operate and maintain their machines properly, so as to protect their value and ensure proper performance.  These companies have learned they can no longer afford to trade their machines away to dealers at 50 cents on the dollar. We inspect and appraise these well cared for machines and sell them for market value.  In many cases we recover for the seller twice what they would have received on trade.  Over time the impact of our services to your bottom line can be the difference between surviving and thriving.  Protect your equity and let us help you get the most for your used equipment.

One Stop Shopping

Sales - We are experts in the provison of quality used equipment worldwide. We follow a time tested process from inspecting the equipment, to appraisal and finally, sales and delivery. This process eliminates much of the guesswork and risk associated with buying used equipment, and allows our buyers, sellers and lenders to transact with confidence.

Financing - We have multiple sources for lending, serving all types of clients.  We have worked with dozens of lenders and enjoy the faith and confidence of some of America's best lenders.

Freight & Logistics - We can help you get the best deal possible whether you are trucking a Skidder to Texas or shipping a Wheel Loader to West Australia. We have the experience and the contacts to navigate the complexities of international shipping and customs.  We provide this as a service after the sale and take pride in getting our clients the best possible rates.

Inspections & Appraisals

Our team has a unique degree of expertise and experience that lends itself to providing expert inspections and appraisals of forestry machines of all makes, models and types.  We do this on a contract basis for individual owners, lenders and dealers worldwide.

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