E-commerce: We try to answer efficiently to the requests and needs of our clients. Attitude: Together we find the 'product for you'. Proximity: We have a vast network of concessionaires which guarantees being close to you. Service: We have always offered you a prompt and efficient technical assistance, either through us, or through your concessionaire.

  • Assemblage and Preparation: Your product will always be assembled and prepared with minutia and a great devotion.
  • Distribution: Ask for details.
  • Training: We teach you how to know and work with your machine.
  • Knowledge: Our staff is well prepared to inform you.
  • Demonstration: It is with great pleasure that we show you any of our products.
  • Parts and Accessories: We take the care of having a rotatory stock of parts, personalised attendance and prompt answer.
  • Excellence: We find out the product for the solution of your needs and not only to sell it to you.
  • Financing: Ask us how.
  • Trust: You, as a client, are important for us.
  • Consulting: We answer to uniquenesses, at the client’s request.
  • Service to the Client: We are here to help you. Don’t hesitate in contacting us.

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