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Friesen Livestock Ltd.


Friesen Livestock offers a service guarantee on all purchases which mainly includes two types of service: the first is designed to educate the buyers in how to use the pre-mix and other products in proper proportions and life stages, the second is to provide information on how to care for the livestock in terms of health requirements and sickness control, especially at the piglet level. Both services are performed by specialized staffs, who work in conjunction with the sales team. In addition, the Company has relationships with professional staff at local veterinary hospitals that are used on a consulting basis if needed.

Friesen Livestock takes a significant market share by means of effective and efficient full services. Regardless of whether sales are made through a distributor or to large-scale pig farmers, Friesen Livestock guarantees to provide their final consumers the following services:

  • We organize technological lecture on a regular basis so as to provide the customers with knowledge of animal feeding management and disease control.
  • We assist the customers to solve the problems of feeding management and disease control on-site on a timely basis.
  • A service team composed of senior veterinarians, animal nutritionists and husbandry experts trained in both clinical and field aspects.

As we expand into new markets, Friesen Livestock plans to continue our proven service formula for winning customers in addition to extensive marketing promotions and educational seminars.

We train technicians for hog farms after our acquisition of hog farms and teach the customers our effective disease control methods and experience in hog farm management. We also take advantage of our purchasing power to provide inexpensive and quality products for independently-owned feed stores, which will help the customers reduce the cost.

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