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One of our first ventures into precision farming was the addition of flow control systems on our side dress rigs.  We installed Raven flow control systems on all our tractors. We set them up do both single rate and variable-rate using Raven & Ag Leader monitors.  One of the biggest advantages we have over the traditional method (pressure & constant speed) is the ability to slow down or speed up as the conditions allow.  With a flow control system installed on your sprayer or fertilizer rigs, you can slow down when you get into rough or trashy field conditions and maximize your speed when the ground is smooth allowing your rate to be unchanged despite the change in speed.  The next advantage of the rate controller is it takes the guess work out of how many gallons or acres we apply in each field, because they keep totals for each field and the entire job or season. We can give the customer an accurate report of exactly how many gallons we applied to each fiel

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