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Socio-economic Development

Global Green Power PLC Corporation (GGPC) Biomass Power Infrastructure. GGPC Infrastructure delivers the most economic impact of all Renewable Energy solutions available. The fuel for GGPC power plants are secured from three major sources. Agricultural waste such as rice straw, sugar cane tops, corn straw and other waste from farms that are currently burnt in the fields causing Carbon Dioxide or left to rot in the field causing Methane, a Green House Gas that is 21 times more damaging to the environment than even Carbon Dioxide. Food processing waste such as bagasse, a by-product of sugar processing and rice husk a waste product of rice milling. Fuel crops that are grown on unproductive, marginal lands.

In every case GGPC biomass alternative fuels does not compete with the human food chain but delivers 'Best Practices' regarding waste management and disposal within the agricultural and food processing industries.

GGPC works with our biomass supply company Global Biomass PLC Corporation ('GBC') to ensure that our host communities have the opportunity of participating within our biomass collection, storage and preparation program the 'GGPC Biomass Alternative Fuel Program' or ('GGPC-BAFP'). This ensures that GGPC's 'Biomass Fair Pricing' campaign is open to all wishing to deliver biomass to our power plants.

GBC is mandated to work with all Farming Communities, Farming Cooperatives, Local Government Units, Food Processors, the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to optimize our 'GGPC-BAFP' and 'Biomass Fair Pricing' campaigns. GBC also facilitates 'in the field training' to all who wish to participate within the 'GGPC-BAFP'.

By definition the GGPC-BAFP delivers significant additional income to our host community through the purchase of large volumes of biomass from diverse sources. The program delivers poverty alleviation and social integration that is so necessary to the poorer communities GGPC targets in developing their biomass power plant infrastructure.

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