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One of Certis Europe's objectives is to contribute to the production of high quality, healthy and clean crops. The integrated solutions provided by the company help producers to do this by using the most appropriate combination of all the technologies available to grow the desired crop. At the same time sustainability is vital, so crop protection methods must also support profitable production for the producer.

The technologies available through Certis Europe include soil fumigants, agrochemicals, beneficial insects, microbiologicals, and monitoring and trapping systems using pheromones. A planned programme incorporating those best suited to each individual crop requirement adds up to the Certis definition of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). These technologies are applied in a strategy that considers pests, diseases and weeds in terms of prevention, observation and intervention.

IPM is now a required strategy for the production of many crops in the speciality sector and Certis is uniquely positioned to provide the necessary solutions, products and services to producers of a diverse range of crops.

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