Store and Transport Services


The Group’s products are transported by road, rail, air and sea, at every stage of the sourcing and production process, and also to end customers. Our Freight Platform handles shipments by sea for our own business as well as for third parties. Integration of this service enables us to control transportation costs, protect against supply risks and enhance synergies within the value chain. Our storage assets include warehouses and silos in a number of key locations within our distribution networks. As with logistics and industrial assets, integration of these assets allows us to control costs and protect against non-availability risks, also creating synergies within the value chain.

  • 30 logistics assets in North America
  • 39 logistics assets in North Latin America
  • 18 logistics assets in South Latin America
  • 19 logistics assets in Europe & Black Sea
  • 26 logistics assets in Middle East & Africa
  • 11 logistics assets in Asia

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