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Supplier Zone Services

As a wholly owned business of John Deere, Vapormatic is guided by the core values of integrity, quality, innovation and commitment. Vapormatic’s commitment to integrity and social responsibility extends to its diverse and worldwide supply base. Understanding how Vapormatic suppliers are expected to operate means we can work together to raise standards, reduce waste and further improve the customer experience.

Below is a selection of resources that will enable you to see how Vapormatic conducts business with suppliers, how our brand is applied to packaging and how products are expected to arrive at the distribution centre.

Supplier Code of Conduct

To ensure that suppliers conduct business with a high degree of integrity and in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, all of Vapormatic’s suppliers are expected to adhere to this Supplier Code of Conduct.

The Brand

The Vapormatic brand is recognised in the agricultural industries around the world as a brand to trust. Committed to customers, Vapormatic remains focused and loyal to delivering its company and core brand values of Quality, Range, Availability, Service and Value.

Today Vapormatic products can be found in agricultural workshops around the globe and the Vapormatic brand is seen by millions of people every day.

Inbound Logistics Process

To ensure goods can move through our warehousing systems quickly and efficiently, without the need for otherwise unnecessary returns, Vapormatic has produced a set of clear instructions of how delivery are expected to be received.

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