Surveillance Services To Ensure Safety & Quality

ChemCentre provides a comprehensive range of analytics to support primary producers, food manufacturers, distributors, exporters, retailers and Government agencies - assisting them to demonstrate the safety and quality of their products. Our capabilities include: * Assisting exporters to meet regulatory requirements. Identifying chemical residues in food. Detecting anti-nutritional factors in food and animal feeds (that can cause detrimental effects on humans and animal growth and performance). Identifying sources of meats (eg. sheep, pig, cattle or poultry in sausages, pies, salamis, prepared meals, mince meat and meat meals). Identifying the specie of fish from fillets or whole fish (e.g. Barramundi, Nile Perch, Red Emperor, Sharks and popular table fish). Detection of genetically modified foods (eg. soybeans, soy meat, soymilk, tofu, soy bread and bread flavouring). Identifying bioactive substances which can cause detrimental effects to humans and animals. Surveying of naturally occurring toxins in foods (eg. aflatoxins in peanut products, solanine in potatoes and patulin in apple products). Assisting with nutritional labelling and legislation. Detecting and quantification of food components (eg. vitamins, gluten and peanut allergens). Assisting with microbiological analysis and quality assurance training (HACCP).

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