Terraseeding Services


Terraseeding is an amazing seeding process that can produce sod-like results in a very short time. It is not limited to lawn establishment. Terraseeding also is an excellent seeding process for Native Wildflowers, Native Grasses, and for vegetating hard to reach areas like slopes and retention ponds.

Soil-tek is the Nations largest Terraseeding company. We have years of experience and hundreds of successful projects to refer to. If you are going to Terraseed, Soil-tek can do it all for you.

  • Soil-tek blows-in a smooth blanket of compost injected with a premium custom seed mix.
  • The most advanced method of seeding today.
  • Provides a sod-like look in about 3 weeks with proper care.
  • Superior to Hydro-Seeding, compost blanket is the key.
  • Costs about 40% less than sod.
  • Less watering than sod.
  • Excellent for Native Wildflower & Native Grasses.

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