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Timing Optimum Insemination Services

The optimum servicing of sows is very significant to the operating results of a company. But how do you make that clear? The pig farmer needs proper reporting. Which inseminator scores better, and why? And how do you get a lower-scoring inseminator to a higher level? The determination of the optimum insemination moment takes place visually by the inseminator. Pigs KI Netherlands has a protocol to determine the appropriate moment. The difference between failure or insemination of a sow just that at the right time can be up to 2 to 3 total piglets born per sow per year.

When determining the optimal insemination time, we look at the standing reflex in sows. This is the moment when the sow should be covered by a boar.

Scoring of the standing reflex: 
0: the sow shows no imminent characteristics of oestrus. 
2: with great difficulty. 
4: After some patience and persistence. 
6: reasonably fast, although with help. 
8: do not bother, not permanent. 
10: by itself, lasting minutes.

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