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Tricorona is working together with the African Wildlife Foundation to plant trees in Africa. The African Wildlife Foundation is one of the most recognized environmental organizations in Africa, with more than 50 years experience in developing successful environmental projects in the region.

More and more companies want to plant trees as part of a sustainability strategy or just because they want to contribute to sustainable development in Africa.

Large parts of African forests are today devastated for timber or to make way for new plantations. For every 28 trees cut down, only one is re-planted, compared to Sweden, where more trees are planted than are cut down.
Tricorona is investing in tree planting in Mau in Kenya, East Africa's most endangered, well-known and perhaps most important forests. The goal is to replant deforested areas and protect the main source of water for Nairobi.

Tree plantation contributes to:

  • prevented deforestation
  • prevented desertification
  • reduced soil erosion
  • atmospheric CO2 reduction
  • biodiversity
  • water security
  • jobs

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