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With modern turf and landscape management practices, our testing services are an integral part of a solid turf management plan. Our soil, plant tissue, nematode and irrigation water testing packages have played an important part in turf and landscape problem solving over the years. In fact, we have expanded our repertoire of testing services that we provide to the professional turf manager. With the environmental regulations that are being placed on turf growers, we are even more qualified to support your management programs, since we are also a full service environmental lab! Check out our environmental services section too.

The same amazing turnaround time is offered in our soil testing for the turf industry…24Hrs from the time we receive the samples! Pricing an issue? Our complete S3M package with Nitrate-N is only $18.00 list. Quality is a given…we don't sell poor quality. Discounts for high volume customers are certainly available. Call us today to get a custom quotation.

We have also expanded our abilities to soil characterization and geotechnical evaluation of soil. These tests are often required in landscaping SOW's. We are also part of the US Composting Council's Seal of Testing Approval program. Mulch, compost, organic fertilizers…it doesn't matter, we can provide you with quality lab data to ensure the success of your landscaping projects. Call us for a quotation or to discuss your exact needs.

Some folks take their home lawn as seriously as professional turf managers! Yes, we provide the same high quality services to our residential clients.

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