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Kennedy/Jenks Consultants

Urban and Agricultural Water Management



Kennedy/Jenks Consultants offers comprehensive professional services to assist California urban and agricultural water suppliers in meeting the water conservation and planning requirements of Senate Bill X7-7 (SBX7-7).

We possess the knowledge and experience to help you meet these legislative requirements, including:

  • Familiarity with the legislation, based on participation in its development;
  • Practical experience with agricultural water conservation strategies including precision irrigation methods, soil water measurement programs for irrigation scheduling, tailwater minimization techniques, retrofitting of on-farm water delivery and storage infrastructure, and crop and varietal selection for optimizing water use.
  • Experience gained from developing California urban water management plans that incorporate site specific irrigation plans, reuse of water, and irrigation based on demand rather than a time schedule;
  • In-house experienced engineers and scientists to handle all of the technical, planning, and regulatory issues related to SBX7-7.

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