Value Chain Development


Value chains are systems of people, organisations and activities needed to create, process and deliver a product or service from supplier to customer. Inclusion in agricultural value chains means that smallholders can sell more products at higher prices. This results in increased incomes and long-term social benefits in rural areas. Our advisors facilitate value chain development in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. We focus on agricultural sectors such as livestock, oilseeds, fruits, vegetables and staple crops, depending on market opportunities.

Careful analysis and selection of value chains helps us identify opportunities for inclusive growth of smallholders. SNV promotes effective dialogue between actors in the value chain (for example, producers, processors and traders). This helps identify constraints and opportunities, brokers pro-poor deals between actors, and facilitates partnerships between the private sector and government institutions.

SNV assumes key roles in value chain development – as a mediator between stakeholders, as a knowledge broker, an advisor, and most often, as a facilitator. Our goal is to strengthen links in value chains, so the systems can sustain themselves. Our approach includes: Effective public policy management, group strengthening, value chain financing, strengthening value chain service providers and market intelligence.

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