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Although the site will dictate the way Vetiver is planted, to stabilize slopes, Vetiver is most commonly installed in multiple horizontal rows   on the contour (width) of the slope. Properly installed, and depending on soil, sun and water conditions, Vetiver flourishes and requires minimal maintenance. Within weeks, it forms dense walls that filter and slow the velocity of rushing water and trap topsoil and silt that otherwise would slide or be swept away as runoff. Sediment captured at the face of the hedge ultimately forms natural terraces, transforming otherwise unproductive land into a rich, fertile resource.

What does Vetiver need to become established?

For the first four months or so following planting, Vetiver requires daily water and periodic weeding.  Once established, Vetiver resists drought  up to six months. 

Do you install Vetiver?

Yes!  We cultivate Hawaii Sunshine Vetiver in our local nurseries and install it throughout Hawaii. The price of installation depends upon the application.  Contact us at 808-536-5444 for a site visit and quote.

Where do you ship Vetiver?

You want plants?  We've got 'em! 

Out of state?  No problem!  Following Hawaii State Department of Agriculture regulations, we'll ship clean Vetiver to you, wherever you are, on your schedule!  Few of us can install a single shipment of 10,000 plants at one time, so we'll make sure that you get healthy, rooted slips when you need them.  We recommend that mainland or inter-national buyers confirm import requirements with their agriculture departments to avoid surprises.

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