Colorado Springs Utilities (CSO)

Colorado Springs Utilities (CSO)

Water Efficiency Service



Use water wisely: Wondering how you can keep your landscape attractive and healthy while using water wisely? We can help. Here are the top tips from our water conservation and xeriscape experts.

Not sure how much to water?

Don’t let your sprinklers run when it’s raining.

  • Use a rain sensor that will automatically shut off your irrigation system when it detects rainfall.
  • Install a qualifying rain sensor and earn a rebate from us.

Don’t make clouds with your sprinkler system.

  • Watering at night between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. lets water soak in instead of evaporating.

Plant wisely.

Don’t send money down the gutter; concrete doesn’t get thirsty.

  • Check your sprinklers each month. Make sure they water your yard, not the pavement.

Do you see water draining from your sprinklers after it turns off?

  • Upgrade to check valve sprinkler heads, which prevent water from draining out.
  • Install qualifying equipment and earn a rebate from us.

Watering a slope?

  • Run your sprinklers in five-minute cycles to let the water soak in instead of running out of your yard.

Keep track of the drips.

  • One or two drips may not seem like a lot but they add up quickly. Use Water Wiser Drip Calculator to measure and estimate water wasted due to leaks.

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