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Aeros Live allows you to track every aspect of your flock. We validate and persist detailed information for

  • Feed Scheduling
  • Movement Scheduling
  • Expense Tracking
  • Condemnation Certificates
  • Data Imports
  • Feed Mill Integration
  • Performance Charts & Graphs
  • Processing Plant Planning
  • Account System Integration
  • Flock Projections
Manage Every Detail Of Your Flocks
  • Aeros Live allows you to track every aspect of your flock. We validate and persist detailed information for:
    • Flock Transactions (Placements, Mortality, Culls, Sales/Depopulations, Transfers In, Transfers Out).
    • Estimated Placements, Depopulations and Transfers Out.
    • Feed Deliveries & Ending Inventory
    • Egg Production, Inventory and Shipping.
    • Record Keeping (House Temperatures, Body Weights, Lighting Times, etc.).
    • Condemnation Certificates
  • Import and edit Egg Grade Outs that can be associated to flocks in Aeros Live.
  • Record egg purchases and associate them to egg grade batch runs.
  • We offer scheduled data imports for many systems (PMSI Atlas & Noah, AEI, etc.). All of our flock records can be imported from spreadsheets as well.
  • Generate new flocks based on hatchery availability with our Placement Scheduling System.
To-The-Minute Feed Scheduling
  • Create feed profiles to specify what your flocks should be eating at each stage of life. Plan their feed consumption with standard consumption weight or calorie tables.
  • Our feed consumption calculations will specify, to the minute, when your flocks will need to receive a feed delivery, and what bins should receive the delivery.
  • Feed scheduling configurations will allow you to define minimum and maximum delivery sizes, committed expiration times, feed buffers and more.
  • Create and manage formulas in AIM, or import them from your formulation system (Brill, Concept 5, etc.).
  • Import feed deliveries (load outs) from your batching software (WEM, RePete, etc).
Transfer & Capitalize With Ease
  • Aeros Live automates the time consuming task of distributing, transferring, capitalizing and depreciating expenses across multiple flocks.
  • Distribute an expense in Aeros across one or more flocks by animal days, guaranteeing an accurate and weighted distribution.
  • Transfer expenses at the close of a flock, to one or more destination flocks.
  • Automated capitalization of expenses at the start of a flock, and re-capitalization between production cycles.
  • Create depreciation rules by gender and view amortization schedules for the life of a flock.
  • Export amortization expenses to Aeros.
Detailed Projects & Production Management
  • Create multiple sets of projection standards tables (feed consumption, body weight, egg production, egg type, etc).
  • Create an egg matrix that details the sizes and types of eggs you wish to project.
  • Automatically adjusted projections from current actual data.
  • Using our detailed and scalable reporting solution, create projection reports for population, live haul weights, feed usage, water usage, egg production by egg type/size and much more.
  • Create reports that include actual and projected production information.
Accurate Payments & Settlements
  • Create settlements that include base pay, min/max payments, adjustments, surcharges and deductions.
  • Pay out bonuses based a number of user defined criteria.
  • Generate regular payments to growers based on egg shipments and other criteria (hatching, market, brown, organic, etc.).
  • Generate payments exceptions (loans, advances) with Other Payments and pay them off over time with our Deduction feature.
  • Export settlements and payments to Aeros.

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