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It's all about the right choices, isn't it? When it comes to effective decision-making in regard to milk production, components, animal behavior, health conditions, parlor equipment and nutrition, every piece of data counts. Dairy teams deal with such issues 24/7, as they seek the knowledge that will assure success. Here, data integrity is essential. Countless details must be customized and simplified to ease analysis, and thrust the dairy to maximum efficiency and value. To this goal, Afimilk provides the most comprehensive and accurate real-time view of the herd, covering all essential aspects of dairy farm management.

AfiFarm is a herd management solution for dairies of any size. Afimilk sensors collect crucial data, which the system calculates, analyzes and orders. These operations, together with offered solution sets, assure that dairy managers make the best possible decisions. In addition to such issues as milk production, fertility and health, AfiFarm also introduces a unique set of solutions – in the form of nutrition problem alerts – based on the herd's milk components. The result: milking efficiency analysis and other management capabilities that best control dairy performance. Having helped farm managers improve their milk production, herd health and fertility conditions for decades, AfiFarm has become indispensable to every successful dairy manager.

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