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- Farm Management Software


Managing your farm will become much easier. With Agroptima you can register your daily operations on the field from your phone, have all your data on the cloud and access it whenever you want.

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Real time data at your fingertips

Instantly all data will be on your personal account, safe and only accessible by you.

Official reports

Phitosanitary reports are necessary all around Europe. We make it easy for you to download them with just a few clicks.

Increase your profitability by controlling your margins

Identify the crops and varieties that add more to your bottom line. By knowing the cost of your daily operations you will be able to make better decisions.

A new way to work on the farm

A revolutionary map that changes everything

Locate your fields and crops, see its surface. You will never get lost.

A field notebook on your pocket

Note everything you imagine, even without internet connection. With the superfast APP you will say goodbye to papers.

No internet?
No problem

The only APP that works entirely without internet connection.

Your data online in one place

The activities you register with your mobile app will be automatically saved and you can access them from your phone or computer. Download reports about your activities or costs and make better decisions!

Easy personalized reports

Automatic stock movements registration

Crop calendar

Search historical data

Work from the map

Draw your fields, combine or group them. You can choose from 5 satellite image types.

Phitosanitary use reports

Download and print European traceability reports (only in Spanish).

Geo localize your fields

Draw fields

Combine fields

Group fields

Identify your most profitable crops. Agroptima easily and automatically calculates for you the bottom line of your crops. You can register the price of your inputs and Agroptima will do the numbers.

  • Automated calculation
  • Input price historical data
  • Compare crops and varieties
  • Intuitive reports

Control your margins.
Be more profitable.

Running a profitable farm is not easy.
Agroptima is the easiest way to control your input costs and improve your margins.

Easily control your costs

Enter your input costs once, without the need of entering your invoices or stocks. Agroptima will efortlessly calculate your margins real time.

software agrícola frutos secos
Control your costs during the season

Access daily results and detect when a field will never generate positive results, so you can stop adding more inputs to it. Stop losing money!

Analyze and make the right decisions

Do not lose your precious time with spreadsheets and papers. Agroptima shows you real time data with no effort. If you spend time in your computer, it will be analyzing and making decisions.

Identify the most profitable fields, crops or varieties

Comfortably compare your fields, which areas, activities, crops and varieties are more profitable. Agroptima will let you break down your input costs by type to see what drives your profitability.

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