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Would you like to improve your value chain with a superior livestock record keeping system? Do you find it difficult to access your records when you need them? Do you ever wonder if your bottom line profit has suffered as a result of less organized and thorough livestock record keeping? At AgSights, we understand the importance of livestock record keeping when it comes to improving your value chain in both the long and short term. Despite being ready to grow your business, you may lack the infrastructure to maintain consistent records that can assist with better decision-making and improved herd or flock value.

The Go360 bioTrack Record Keeping Advantage

Go360 bioTrack is a livestock record keeping software system designed to make your job easier and improve your access to instant information on the history of your animals. Our livestock record keeping software stores and organizes all information on an animal from birth to processing or relocation, with direct information flow across seed stock, cow calf, feedlot and packing sectors.
With our livestock record keeping system, you can gain instant access to essential historical livestock records:

  • Pedigree
  • Health records
  • Genetic evaluations
  • Carcass characteristics

Grow Your Business with Livestock Record Keeping

Go360 bioTrack’s livestock record keeping gives farmers the ability to connect with and share valuable information on their animals anytime and anywhere. In addition to making better business decisions when selecting replacement females and herd sires, you can also connect herd or flock information from year to year, tracking your profits and expenses for more accurate estimations of breeding value.

Tell the Story of Your Animals

Here at AgSights, we don’t want to tell you how to run the show. Instead, we offer our superior livestock record keeping software to help farmers tell the story of their animals. Improve the quality, reputation and demand for your product with safe, secure and thorough historical records, bringing the relevance of the past into the present.

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