- Livestock Tracking and Traceability Software System


Would you like to improve the quality of your herd and secure higher prices? Do you wish you had a better system for livestock tracking and traceability that could ultimately give you a superior product? Go360 bioTrack is here to help with its state-of-the-art, web-based tracking and tracing software system!

The Value of Livestock Tracking

Without accurate livestock tracking software, farmers can get lost in the game of guesswork without accurate predictions related to return on investment and minimal producer support. Livestock traceability increases consumer trust exponentially, not to mention the significant reduction of recall impacts when you have exact tracking records for each animal at a moment’s notice. Our web-based livestock tracking and tracing software can save you time and money, while satisfying the needs of all members of your value chain. Talk about bottom line profit!

The Benefits of Go360 bioTrack’s Livestock Tracking and Traceability Software

  • Instant access to any animal’s history of movements and health records
  • Direct flow of information from seed stock to cow calf to feedlot to the packing sector
  • Increased consumer trust and value of your product
  • Connect information across sectors and herds

Getting Ahead with Livestock Traceability

Farmers today have the potential to be so much more than providers of animal products. With transparent and secure livestock tracking software, farmers can accurately measure the best performing animals for better business decisions, while also offering producers and consumers a unique product with an edge on the competition. With Go360 bioTrack’s secure, anytime, anywhere access to all livestock tracking and traceability records, your business becomes a window into the livestock journey, getting to the heart of your industry in a way that speaks to your consumers.

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