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Developed for progressive sheep and goat nutritionists, mill operators, and feed industry professionals. The entire AMTS software suite uses the latest development tools with direct input from feed industry professionals from around the world.

AMTS.Farm.Small Ruminants

Cattle.Farm.Small Ruminants is sold on subscription basis and includes free support and free updates. Updates are made continuously and new versions are released regularly (3-4 times annually). The ability to perform least cost optimization using a linear optimizer is standard with .Small Ruminants.

AMTS.Farm.Small Ruminants(ao)

This optional upgrade allows you to perform both linear and genetic algorithm diet optimization. By breeding for a better diet you are allowed to maximize Income Over Feed Costs or Minimize Feed Cost. Read more below about optimization below.

AMTS.Farm.Small Ruminants(mo)

Available as an upgrade to the basic subscription, this tool allows you to least-cost optimize a mix to meet ingredient and nutrient constraints.

AMTS.Farm.Small Ruminants(ao+)

Combine all the features of AMTS.Farm.Small Ruminants(ao) and AMTS.Farm.Ruminants(mo) into one bundle to reach your highest formulation power! This package includes the linear optimizer, the linear mix optimizer, and the genetic optimizer in one subscription.

AMTS’s ration formulation models are based on the latest science available. AMTS.Farm.Small Ruminants uses the NRC (2007)* recommendations to formulate rations specifically for sheep and goats of all animal types: lactating, non-lactating, meat animals, lambs, and kids. 

You are busy. Our software is designed to be efficient. We believe that users should only have to enter data once. Digital data (such as feed library analyses) can be electronically imported. Templates allow you to load data for common inputs. AMTS.Farm.Small Ruminants uses the same intuitive, efficient format users of AMTS.Farm.Cattle are comfortable with. If you are creating rations for sheep, goats, AND cattle, use one program AMTS.Farm for all your ration balancing needs. Using AMTS.FBM, AMTS.Farm.Small Ruminants sheep and goat ration formulation software products can share data with major mill formulation programs. *The NRC 2007 Small Ruminants model is the primary source for requirements determination. Information from INRA, ARC, and research papers from Langston University, OK goat research unit were used in calculations. For determining supply, passage rate equations from the NRC were used with the rest of the equations coming from CNCPS 6.5.5.  

Farm / Lot Group Structures

The .Small Ruminant user interface utilizes a Farm/Barn/Group structure. Inputs that are common to a group (for example, temperature within a barn) are inputted once at the Barn/Lot level and inherited by all groups within that barn.

Data Imports
Import feed analysis data from participating labs
Recipe Updates
Common Feed Library
Choose Optimization

AMTS.Farm.Small Ruminants offers two optimizers. Customers can choose to remain with the basic least-cost ration optimization that comes standard with the software or upgrade to the AMTS.Farm.Small Ruminants(ao). Customers can also upgrade the Mixes function to allow linear optimization of ingredients in AMTS.Farm.Small Ruminants(mo). To unlock full optimization power they can bundle into AMTS.Farm.Small Ruminants(ao+).

Standard Optimization
Advanced Optimization

Mix Optimization

For an additional cost, AMTS.Farm.Small Ruminants(mo) offers the ability to perform a linear optimization of mix ingredients to develop a least-cost optimized mix that meets ingredient and nutrient constraints. It provides the user with a simple way to save cost on mixes while balancing for major chemical composition, minerals/vitamins, and additives.

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