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As agricultural technology continues to advance at a rapid rate, WinField® United is strengthening its capabilities with solutions that enable retailers to help farmers make data-driven decisions. Answer Tech by WinField® United, an insights delivery system that provides critical technology information and access to top agronomic decision-support and management apps, in one convenient location. This centralized portal allows apps to work harmoniously together, while providing education, product reviews, industry insights, and access to all WinField® United proprietary and partnered apps.

When you’re on top of trends, you can get ahead of the game. Our data-driven insights from Answer Tech® provide farmers with critical information and access to top agronomic decision support in one location.

The R7® Tool by WinField United is an industry-leading decision ag solution that provides unbiased product performance, information and critical field data to help farmers optimize ROI potential. The R7® Tool uses satellite imagery and soil maps to reveal variability across a given field. Then, it uses both local and national Answer Plot® data to show how varieties respond to cropping systems and management factors in similar regions. This information can be used to develop a short list of appropriate hybrids and varieties, then produce a personalized strategy to help you optimize yield potential and defend that yield throughout the season.

Answer Tech® App Catalog WinField® United

Answer Tech® by WinField is an insights delivery system that provides information, apps & support.

NutriSolutions® WinField® United

Capture field level details for tissue samples and transmit data to the lab.

R7® Tool by WinField WinField® United

The R7® Tool is a comprehensive precision farming solution.

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