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- Aquaculture Real Time Information Management Tool


Aquanetix is a real time information management tool for aquaculture companies. Use smartphones and tablets for recording farming events as they happen. Get early warnings for health and infrastucture problems and prevent losses. Receive intelligent advice based on your data and improve feeding performance. Fast and simple setup, no need for servers or specialised IT personnel.


Optimise feeding and boost productivity

Make use of empirical model data and reduce feeding costs by 10-40%. Experience cost savings as early as 7 days from start of use of Aquanetix.


Fast and accurate reporting

You don't have to waste time searching through numbers on spreadsheets anymore. Aquanetix gives you consice and organised production reports in real time.


Get real time allerts

time information about fish health, mortalities and status of your infrastructure are available. Raise early warning alarms thatyou to act timely and avoid losses!


Get your data visualised

We help you focus on business performance and reduce management risks every single day.


Manage the performance of your staff

staff is key to feeding control. With Aquanetix you can link actions and livestock performance to individual employees.


Secure data, accesible 24/7

Our Cloud service, powered by SoftLayer (tm) provides excellent security for your data and makes it accesible from anyplace, anytime.

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