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Assisi Manager is a comprehensive forest inventory and planning tool. Assisi Manager includes the forest surveying and inventory tools of Assisi Inventory and adds long term planning and simulation. Assisi Manager stores all your field data and inventory projections plus long term management plans and historical records. Packaged in an elegant and expandable system you have come to expect from Assisi Software.

Field Data, Inventory, History and Planning Database

  • Store Survey Data - Store a huge variety of forest survey data: timber, regeneration, vegetation, course wood and more.
  • Archive History - Store historical actions taken on stands including volume, value methods, contractors. Archive electronic documentation with each stand and management action.
  • Plan for Future – Store any number of future management plans and the estimated volume and cash flow.
  • Inventory Archiving – Store documents, pictures and GIS maps for any stand, cruise, plot and tree.

Flexible Sample Designs

  • Multiple Surveys Designs - Support for fixed and variable radius plots, percent tallies and transects.
  • Forest Resource Sampling - Sampling of timber, down woody debris, vegetation and any general sample with a type and value.
  • Unlimited Plot Nesting - Plots of any type can be combined into nested designs.
  • Double Sampling - Double sampling using both count plots and big BAF methods.
  • Sub Sampling - Sub samples of total, merch, taper and crown heights, form factor and form point diameters with calibration and estimation using regression, growth models or user defined equations.
  • Permanent Plots – Store multiple years of cruises for permanently located plots. Use permanent plots to calibrate growth models.
  • Stratified Samples – Re stratify an data set and store volume, height and growth calibrations by strata. Use stratified calibration on regular inventory cruises.

Comprehensive Volume Calculation

  • Flexible Volume Methods - Calculate volume by log, volume tables, or volume equations including user defined equations.
  • Fixed and Variable Length Scaling – Call logs in the field or let Assisi Manager segment.
  • Optimized Scaling - Log volumes optimized to sorts or grades.
  • Quality Calls – Call surface qualities on tree sections.
  • User Equations – Enter your own volume equations as functions of DBH, heights, site index and other variables.
  • Standard Board & Cubic Equations - Volume quoted in board and cubic units as total, gross and net tallies. Equations for Scribner, International, Doyle, two end conic,
  • Newton, Smalian.
  • Carbon and Carbon Components – Calculation of whole tree as well as tree component carbon.
  • Taper Equations - Behre, Flewelling, Kozac, Walters & Hann (ORGANON), Wensel & Krumland, logs (fixed and variable length), and simple cone taper shapes.

Growth Projection

  • Growth Projection - Grown older cruise data forward for up to date inventories using one of many models including: ORGANON, NE TWIGS and User Equations.
  • History Simulation - Simulate historical management to account for actions taken since the last cruise.
  • User Equations – Enter your own growth and mortality equations as functions of DBH, height, crown, site index and other variables.
  • Calibrate Growth Models - Calibrate height, crown and DBH growth models using field measurements.

Planning & Simulation

  • Create Plans – Create and edit detailed plans of harvest, thinning, planting, maintenance and more.
  • Simulate Plans - Simulate management plans of any length.
  • Project Yields – Use markets and product definitions to create yield files for use in harvest scheduling tools.
  • Estimate Cash Flow – Simulate standing and harvest volumes and value. Use discounted cash flow for investment decisions.
  • Create Prescriptions – Prescribe plans of harvest, thinning, planting, maintenance and more.

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