Cattle Management Software

The most popular software for the dairy cattle management, beef cattle, breeding farms and agriculture. Manage your animals and plots, inseminations, health events, feed rations, milk production, fattening, heat detection and stress levels.

We are helping farmers in more than 150 countries to improve their yields and reach a higher production level.Increase productivity and efficiency

Join thousands of farmers around the world that are already using the most advanced and free to use farm management tool.

Cattle management

Animal database, inseminations, milkings, health, feed rations, weighings, alerts, heat detection.

Agriculture information

Crops, land parcels, sensors integration, farm weather forecast, precipitations record.

With multiple species

Different livestock species: cattle, zebu cattle, goats, buffalo, sheep, camels, alpacas or llamas.

On your mobile phone

Runs on Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry, Firefox OS, Symbian, Blackberry, iPhone.

Desktop and Notebooks

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Seven, Windows 8, Mac OS / X or Linux.

Also works on tablets

Compatible with all tablets including Microsoft Surface, iPad, Android, Blackberry or Ubuntu.

Livestock management

  • Complete animal database.
  • Eartag/RP Number, pedigree, breed.
  • Weighing and body gain records.
  • Health record.
  • Vaccination plan.
  • Lactation history.
  • Breeding status and alerts.
  • Best breeders.
  • Required herd movements.
  • Weaning alerts.

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