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Advisor is your next generation agronomy management system. An all-in-one system that puts everything – Precision Farming, Soil Management, Crop Protection, Planting, Crop Planning, Logistics, and more inside one powerful and intuitive system.

Crop Scouting

Gather field information from a variety of observations, including: pest pressure, crop growth stage, notations, images and weather allowing for trending and analysis of field data for use in making in-season decisions.

G.I.S. Mapping

The comprehensive G.I.S. platform combines: imagery, roads, surrounding structures, activities, soil texture, organic matter and slope to enhance management of visual field attributes.

Precision Enablement
Advisor supports an array of controllers and equipment necessary to perform precision applications. Nutritional templates, master seed lists, work orders and prescription files, can be created and exported to field based equipment in the required format.

Soil Management

Advisor’s soil management feature allows for: sampling, lab results, automation, work order creation and completion. This allows improved management of planning and application of nutritional requirements for both straight and variable rate jobs.

Crop Planning

Sampling, straight and variable rate fertilizer applications, planting, scouting, and crop protection applications, can all be scheduled in advance, including various plans for each.

Yield Data & Analysis

Analyze yield data against other layer types to enable better season analysis. Enter and record yield data for specialty crops, and for crops with multiple harvest dates, along with other harvest information.


Advisor’s planting feature enables you to combine yield objectives along with other field information to generate planting prescriptions by hybrid or variety.

Reports & Information

Various reports can be compiled including: grower, farm and field level reports, as well as, reports with customized time frames.

Crop Protection

Access the industry's most accurate, proven, and trusted crop protection database to provide targeted product solutions. Choose from herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, adjuvants and other tank mix partners to create the most reliable and accurate recommendations, all while maximizing product stewardship.

  • SUSTAINED INTERNET CONNECTIVITY: 6Mbps download or higher, 3Mbps upload or higher
    • x86 or x64 Processor, Intel i5 3rd Generation or higher 8 GB RAM
    • 4 GB of Available Hard Disk Space
    • Graphic Card with 512 MB Memory
  • GRAPHICS DISPLAY: Minimum resolution of 1024 x 768
  • INTERNET BROWSER: Internet Explorer 9 or higher
  • LANGUAGE: English
    • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
    • Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro
    • Microsoft Windows 7 Pro {Recommended}
  • .NET: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 {x86 and x64}*
  • WINDOWS INSTALLER: Version 4.5*
  • SQL SERVER: Microsoft System CLR Types for SQL Server* 2012 (x86)*

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