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CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture helps you manage your farm′s finances and profitability with software specifically for agriculture. Made for Agriculture. Production Analysis. Schedule F Information. Multiple Quantity Inventory Tracking. Powerful Budgeting Tools. All this PLUS other featured and standard accounting functionality.

CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture Key Features

CenterPoint Depreciation is a powerful fixed asset management solution. Included are all current and historical formulas to help businesses maintain their fixed assets. CenterPoint calculates depreciation for federal and state tax reporting, as well as an unlimited number of schedules for management purposes, without having to enter assets multiple times. Replacing manual processes with CenterPoint Depreciation can help eliminate human errors, maximize tax benefits and plan for future purchases.

AR Module
For more complex AR needs, an AR Module is available for purchase for CenterPoint. This module provides enhanced, detailed billing statements, the ability to calculate sales tax, and sales commissions, as well as in-depth reporting capabilities to effectively manage and monitor receivables. (Basic accounts receivable functionality comes standard in CenterPoint Accounting.)

Inventory Module

Assess the value of your inventories at any time and maintain up to two quantities in different units of measure for each commodity.

For more advanced inventory management, the Inventory Module is available for purchase. This module delivers a wide range of tools to track the cost and value of inventory to improve profitability. You are able to maintain unlimited number of prices or price calculations for each item, receive real-time inventory updates, as well as GL account assignments that guarantee all GL balances and inventory valuation reports match. Multiple inventory location management is available.

* Use of the Inventory Module requires purchase of the AR module.

Sales Order Module

The Sales Orders module allows users to easily transform quotes into orders, and quickly print quotes, orders and packing slips. Quotes and orders can easily be modified by using the Forms Designer within the software. While entering a quote or order, inventory availability can be displayed for each item. When orders are partially filled, back-orders are automatically created for the remaining items.

* Use of the Sales Order Module requires purchase of the AR module.

Purchase Order Module

The purchase order module includes tools to help users keep the best sellers in stock and limit the slower moving items. Standard reports help users monitor stock and order the appropriate quantities for all inventory items. A ‘suggest orders’ function, can look at existing sales orders and/or past sales history, and create a suggested orders report from which users can immediately edit or place orders with vendors. Purchase orders can also be generated directly from sales orders. When users are entering orders for customers, they can easily see which items are currently on order.

* Use of the Purchase Order Module requires purchase of the AR module.

Ratios Module
Use the ratios module to pinpoint areas of strength and weakness within your operation so you can increase profits and reverse negative trends. A wide variety of farm industry standard ratios are included, and there is no setup necessary as data is based on categories already set up within CenterPoint. Included are guidelines developed by the Ferguson Group for 33 ratios and indices, as well as the ratios recommended by the Farm Financial Standards Council. Powerful drill–down capabilities allow you to see the data behind the indicators, and trend information can be graphed for any number of years in your database. Analysis has never been so easy!

Management Accounting

CenterPoint® Management Accounting Module

The CenterPoint Management Accounting module allows owners and managers the ability to match costs to revenue for a more accurate picture of profitability. Cost Center reports allow managers to measure the impact of strategic decisions when managing costs for a particular responsibility center. Profit Center reports allow managers to match those costs against the revenue generated.

Is CenterPoint Management Accounting right for your business? Here are some recommendations that will help you evaluate if the management accounting module is right for you.

Do you have a designated business manager in place, or are you currently working with a consultant who understands management accounting that can handle the responsibilities and related accounting setup & processes?
Do you have good accounting practices in place and are currently collecting, recording and reporting financial information from several divisions or departments?
To help you better understand management accounting, you can visit the Farm Financial Council site online that offers a “Management Accounting Guidelines for Agriculture Standard” that can be purchased and downloaded.

For more information on CenterPoint Management Accounting, please call Red Wing Software at 800-732-9464 today!

Value and Versatility

Good financial data gives you the competitive edge and the confidence you need to make the best decisions for your operation.

CenterPoint Accounting Software offers the best value for a suite of Ag–specific financial analysis tools that help you make smart business decisions to achieve your goals. It is the most versatile product on the market, yet it's easy to set up and use. CenterPoint is based on the newest technology , which provides unlimited opportunities for future development. Plus, it comes with the expertise of Red Wing Software and certified, local partners.

In–depth Management Capability
Owners and managers who want in–depth financial analysis have unlimited ability to structure and segment entire operations, profit centers, accounts, and inventories to track data, combine entities, and receive the most relevant reporting available today.

Creating the Best Accounting Software Experience
CenterPoint is designed for ease of use. Simply enter data once and accounts are updated for double–entry accounting. Screens are intuitive checks look like checks and the menu structure follows standard Microsoft® formats. You can set personalized menus and shortcuts to get you to the information you need, fast.

Take Control of Reports
Reports can be viewed on the screen, printed, exported to a variety of applications, or e–mailed to managers and lenders. You can easily modify a report by adding or removing columns of information, and drill down within a report to learn more about the data.

Time–saving Features
A Transaction Search tool helps you quickly reference prior transactions and drill down to the transaction detail and make changes if needed. Personalize the Quick List menu with functions that you use on a regular basis. You can even include custom reports and shortcuts to launch other commonly used applications. CenterPoint becomes your main hub for information management.

Extensive Budgeting Capabilities
Gain control of your finances by creating “what if” scenarios. This powerful feature allows you to project future sales, cash flow, income statements, and assets and liabilities. You can compare “what if” budgets with actual and projected figures years into the future. Planning future business strategies is made easy with CenterPoint.

Uncover Strengths and Weaknesses
With CenterPoint management reports, you can uncover strengths and weaknesses and make adjustments to improve your position. View Balance Sheets by book value, market value, or modified cash value. Income Statements and Cash Flows have the versatility to show actual–to–budget, year–to–date, and current year to previous year(s) for trend analysis.

Customizable User Interface
Easily set up a user interface to show only those menu selections you use most often in a Quick List, saving significant time.

Security and Reliability
CenterPoint uses the newest technology, ensuring data security and reliability crucial for financial information. Company and menu–level security are included, to ensure only those you choose can view payroll information.

Unparalleled U.S.–Based Support

Red Wing Software offers Customer Care Plans with guaranteed response times, so you get questions answered quickly. We never outsource your questions to an off–shore call center. 100% of Red Wing Software product enhancements are based on customer requests and suggestions.

Training sessions are scheduled at our facility in Red Wing, Minnesota, and throughout the United States. Web training is also available, or you can choose to have a trainer come to your site to help with training and/or implementation. Select Red Wing Software partners throughout the U.S. also offer training and implementation services.

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