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CORE Mill is the market leader in customised software solutions for mill and grain. With 40% of all Irish grain intake managed by CORE Mill, our purpose-built software solutions are used to oversee the management of feed sales, order processing, mobile and online sales, purchase contracts, grain intake and processing, raw material procurement and weighbridge operations through to load planning, dispatch, labelling and complete mill accounting.

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For more than 30 years, our commitment to R&D has maintained CORE’s leadership in cutting-edge, industry-specific solutions.

Built on the Oracle platform for optimum reliability, flexibility and security, CORE Mill offers one system with one view and a robust data analytics package to give your business the capability to make astute decisions in real time.

Sales & Margin Control
From order entry through to delivery, COREmill gives unprecedented flexibility and control of the feed manufacturing business. Management dashboards can be presented through web enabled interfaces that ensure all your Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Budgets and Forecasts are available 24/7.
Multi Location
If you manage a single mill or multiple locations COREmill allows you to trace every batch of raw material, manage margins on any order and access management information anytime, anywhere.

Customer Self Service

Customer Self Service is a module which enables customers to securely access their trading information online at their own convenience. It enables customers to view details of invoices; payments, sales orders and their relevant status, purchases history this month & year to date with prior year comparison and forward sales & contracts.

Transport Scheduling & Haulier Self Billing

The implementation of the Transport Self Billing (TSB) module eliminates the requirement to manually reconcile external haulier invoices. The TSB module now auto generates the haulier invoice and the complexity of the rate calculations is standardised. Full traceability is available on all rate amendments.


With our in-house weighbridge module and integration to other weighbridge systems, CORE has ensured our customers have a breath of choice. The ability to take-on load dockets at weighbridges recorded locally or centrally; the linking of test results from lab systems, complete automation of bulk-in and bulk-out weighing and full integration with the payments system and haulier self-billing, ensure accurate data and reduced time taken at the weighbridge.

  • Reduced Costs
  • Increased Sales Margin
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduced Transport Costs using Optimum Transport Scheduling
  • Increased Revenue
  • Accurate Contract Management
  • Accurate Inventory
  • Enabling Transport Self Billing
  • Accurate Batch Traceability
  • Reduced Transport Costs using Optimum Transport Scheduling
  • Accurate Capacity Control
  • Reduced Delivery Errors

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