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- Records Management System Software


EasyKeeper is the records management system you need for healthier, better performing goat herd.

Stay current

Conveniently access and enter your herd’s records from any internet-connected device, whenever and wherever you may be.

Boost productivity

Easily plan your daily activities and project resource needs with automated schedules, task and events lists, and health management reminders.

Improve performance

Get the insights you need to make the keep/cull and breeding decisions that improve your herd’s performance and increase your returns.

What's your passion?

Dairy goats

  • Monitor estrus cycles to maximize days in milk
  • Track milk parlor performance and compare to peers
  • Schedule regular mastitis tests for early detection 

Meat goats

  • Enter birth and weaning weights to get average daily gain
  • Assess which does have the best maternal traits
  • Know which herd sires help increase your profits

Fiber goats

  • Use automated workflows to keep your animals healthy
  • Identify potential fertility issues
  • Use body condition scoring to balance feed intake

Hobby & specialty goats

  • Track progeny and pedigrees for good breeding decisions
  • Quickly identify and respond to fertility issues
  • Proactively plan for kiddings

Livestock management software for a better herd

Task management

Organize your day, get your tasks completed on time, and prepare for upcoming activities without having to dig through notebooks, spreadsheets and calendars to figure out what needs to be done.

EasyKeeper automatically generates your to-do lists, schedules and census reports based the animal records and workflows you’ve already entered into the system.

Having all of your upcoming reminders automatically scheduled for you not only makes it super easy to know what needs to get done today, but also helps you from missing important tasks.

With the EasyList, we can even deliver your task list right to your email inbox every morning so you can plan your day over morning coffee.

Also included in the Performance plan
  • Dry off notifications
  • Body condition scoring
  • Weight events
Milk production

Gain real-time insights into your animals’ milk production without spending time running calculations over and over again.

EasyKeeper gives you the tools to easily capture daily or periodic milk production information associated with a lactation, and then converts it into important performance metrics such as lactation production to date and daily average, and lifetime production to date and daily average.

Always having your animals’ current milk production information at your fingertips means you can identify trends that may indicate a health issue sooner, know which animals are failing to perform to expectations, and help you plan your breedings based on anticipated future demand.

Included in the Performance plan
  • Daily or interval milk production tracking
  • Daily, lactation-to-date, lifetime-to-date milk production, and production averages
  • Automated calculation of date to be dried
  • Dry off reminders
Weight tracking

Stop carrying your notebook to the scale and still get the weight information you need for performance assessments and management decisions.

EasyKeeper’s weight tracking feature chronicles your animal’s major milestone weights, such as birth, pre-weaning and weaning, providing average daily gain without ever having to pick up a pencil. Want to track weights at different life stages, such as breeding weights, weight at kidding and maternal weaning weights? You can do that too!

Having all your animal’s weight events in a single location gives you the information needed to adjust feeding and other management strategies to ensure optimal body condition scores, and know which animals are reaching their goal weights – and which are lagging behind.

Included in the Performance plan
  • Weight history
  • Scheduled weight events
  • Average daily gain calculations
  • Reporting of offspring ADG for sire and dam
Body condition scoring

Have your ever noticed that one of your does is looking a bit unthrifty but you can’t tell if she’s recently lost weight or if she’s always that thin six months into her lactation because you don’t have that information on hand…  and by the time you get back to your records you’ve completely forgotten to check?

With EasyKeeper, you can look up an animal’s body condition score history in a flash, allowing you to respond to potential health issues as early as possible, or adjust portions to reduce wasted feed.

Included in the Performance plan
  • Body condition score history
  • Scheduled body condition scoring
  • Score trends and variances
Health & wellness

Get the complete picture of your animal’s health history anywhere, anytime you need it: in the barn, field, or even at the vet.

EasyKeeper compiles your animal’s health and maintenance records into a single, sortable list so you can quickly access to this critical information when you need it the most.

With your animal’s health history readily accessible, you can stay on top of their health management needs and respond to emergencies appropriately.

  • Healthcare and maintenance history
  • Scheduled healthcare and maintenance events
  • Tests and test result history
  • Tests pending receipt of results
  • Scheduled tests
Breeding & kidding

Know when your does were bred and are due to kid without having to look at a whiteboard in the barn or counting months on the calendar.

EasyKeeper compiles your animals’ reproductive histories into a simple, easy to reference table that quickly allows you to see the animal’s reproductive success. Do they settle on the first service of the season? Do they carry their kids to term? Are they producing the desired number offspring each year?

And knowing that reproduction requires two, breeding and kidding histories are automatically reflected in the sire’s reproductive history. This gives you insights into his reproductive success as well, both with the does in your herd as well as outside services.

  • Breeding and outcome history for does and bucks
  • Automatic calculation of due date
  • Automatic calculation of gestation period
  • Kidding schedule
  • Kidding and kid information
  • Breeding method
  • Stud fees collected and paid
  • Estrus tracking

Pedigree & progeny

Manually creating and continuously updating pedigrees and progeny lists is now a thing of past.

When you add a pedigree to EasyKeeper, those pedigree relationships will be available for linking to all related animals. That means you only ever have to enter a pedigree relationship once… no more copying it over and over again for each year’s kids and any updates made to a pedigree animal will display in all pedigree references to that animal in your herd’s records.

If your animals are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association or the American Goat Society, using the Community Data lookup function to add your animals means we can import any pedigree information we find in the AIP system for you – saving you even more time with data entry.

Once the offspring are linked to its parents, the dam and sire’s progeny list will dynamically generate based on those relationships.


  • Ancestors and their vital statistics
  • Progeny list
  • Reporting based on dam and sire

Vital statistics & identity information

Store all of your animal’s vital statistics and identifying information in a single location using EasyKeeper’s animal profile.

The profile is the foundation for all of your animal’s records, and serves a variety of purposes including the easy reference of important dates (such as birth and death), identification and registration information, breed and credentials, and provides the base for census reporting.

When adding your American Dairy Goat Association and American Goat Society registered animals using the Community Data lookup function, EasyKeeper may be able to prefill much of this information for you, helping to ensure your records are as accurate as possible.

The Snapshot page, complete with a picture of the animal, gives you an at-a-glance identification and view into its most important information.


  • Registered and barn/management names
  • Multiple registration numbers
  • Gender
  • Dates of birth and death
  • Breed and herdbook
  • Conception method
  • Physical attributes
  • Color and markings
  • Permanent and temporary identification
  • Owners

Source & status

Tired of trying to keep up with all the comings and goings in your herd?

EasyKeeper’s source and status functionality will keep track of all those entrances, exits and movements scheduled for the future. Whether that is being able to quickly create a report of all animals born on your premises in a given year, a list of all animals you’ve ever purchased, or knowing when it’s time to return that buck you are leasing for the breeding season, EasyKeeper has you covered.

And knowing that accurately tracking each and every origin, movement and exit is extremely important, we’ve included intelligent workflows to ensure that each new status update is logical, based on the animal’s current status.


  • Purchase and Sales records
  • Lease periods
  • Boarding periods
  • Date entered and left herd

To save time in scrolling through EasyKeeper's extensive data lists, filter reports to display only the animals relevant to the desired criteria. Display of EasyKeeper's current reports selection. All reports are sortable and filterable based on fields such as date of birth, breed, herdbook and record/event dates. The Herd Views list contains reports that allows for at-a-glance reference of the current status of all the herd's animals.

Creating schedules, reports, and census lists is a way of life for the goat breeder, but it’s never much fun.
EasyKeeper eases that burden by providing a variety of reports generated from the information you have added to your herd’s records. Then, to make it even easier to get what you are looking for, additional filters to customize the output just for your needs.


  • Herd census
  • Purchase and sales
  • Lease
  • Boarding
  • Culled; reason and disposition
  • Deceased; cause of death
  • Reproduction and kidding schedule
  • Progeny


Add photos of your animals for easy recognition in the field or to document important moments in your animals’ lives. And since we know those moments can be fleeting, you can even snap a picture right from the add photo feature when using your mobile device!


  • five photos per animal

Also included in the Performance plan
Adding purchaser contact information while entering a sales record. Contacts can be tracked for purchase, sales. lease and boarding status entries and breeding records. Report of all animals sold in 2016, reflecting purchaser and sale price. Contact management

Tracking your vendors and customers has never been easier.

When you add an animal record that has an associated financial transaction – purchases, sales, lease, boarding and breedings – we’ll prompt you to enter the business details of the transaction as well.

Once the contact record has been added to the system, you’ll see it in your contacts list for selection when you do business with that person again.

Problems with traditional recordkeeping systems

Managing your herd records can be painful, but it’s a necessary part of improving a herd. Between spreadsheets, calendars, clipboards, and index cards, you’ve collected years of information about your herd’s performance and health. Good information is a crucial part of making better decisions about your herd but is easily lost, destroyed, or mishandled. Not to mention the struggle to find anything meaningful amongst all those notes…

EasyKeeper modernizes recordkeeping


EasyKeeper makes it simple to record information about your goats. We have systems in place that allow you to easily measure things like milk production, weight gains, pedigree and health that integrate with an automated task list and calendar so that you always know what you should be doing and when you should be doing it. We allow you to customize many of these fields yourself to tailor your automation to your specific herd.


Where physical books and spreadsheets may be fragile, our records are secure and resilient. EasyKeeper’s records exist in the Amazon cloud, which is a fancy way of saying they’re stored in our database, not on your computer. That means that if your computer crashes or you lose your phone, your records will still be accessible. We also backup all of your data daily to add an extra layer of protection to our already secure and stable database

Less risk

We take pride in knowing that our software helps farmers take better care of their animals and improve their profits. Our system is set up with safeguards surrounding vaccinations and other health events that help you avoid over-medicating and remind you to re-administer. You’ll also have a better picture of your goats’ production, so when it comes time for a cull/keep decision you’ll know exactly which goats are best for your herd.

A passion for producers

EasyKeeper is passionate about helping goat producers do more with less: less clutter, less time, less mistakes, less headaches.

With years of experience in goat herd management, we know the daily struggles and difficulties surrounding the profession. Our founder, Jean Harrison, a software development veteran, realized this provided an opportunity to blend modern technology with traditional recordkeeping needs and developed a product that gives goat producers a simpler, more available, organized and secure records management system.

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