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EZweights is a dynamic platform scale program that can track any commodity coming across a scale to or from an operation. EZweights tracks everything—and can be easily customized to simplify the weigh-in/weigh-out process for truck drivers and ensure that you get the information you need.

How It Works

Rugged, easy-to-use touch-screen monitors can be mounted at the ends of the platform scale or inside a scale house.

In a few easy steps, it simplifies your weigh station tasks:

  1. First, set up the driver's touch-screen to make sure you get the data you need at the weigh station.
  2. EZweights tracks harvest information by computing yield per acre and correcting dry matter values.
  3. You can immediately create customizable reports with the data.
  4. You can link to EZfeed to seamlessly transfer milk and feed information.
Easily Track and Calculate the Data You Need

The EZweights program can record any kind of weigh-station data you need. You specify the information you want to record. The software can then compute per-unit yield values such as average bale weight and tons per acre. It can also adjust costs and yields to a fixed dry matter percentage value.

Looking for average cattle weights on a shipment of purchased cattle? Weigh the cattle and enter the head counts, and the EZweights program will provide average cattle weights.

Data information available for entry:

  • Broker
  • Hauler
  • Driver
  • Contract
  • Owner
  • Harvester
  • Field
  • Truck
  • Invoice
    • Bill of Lading
    • Weight Certificate #
    • PO #
    • # of Units (bales, bags, gallons, etc.)
    • Dry Matter %
    • Sample #
    • Broker Weights
    • Comments

Easily Generate Reports

EZweights makes it easy to create customizable reports that provide detailed information:

  • Harvest information corrected to fixed DM%
  • Yield per acre corrected to fixed DM%
  • Summary information by Broker, Contract, Commodity, etc.

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