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farm software for fruit & vegetable, coffee, tobacco, flower farming. Perform recalls in seconds, with full confidence of accuracy and reliability. Minimize risk by ensuring accurate traceability is automatically captured thru natural business processes, easily and quickly. Pass audits with ease and reduce compliance costs using farmsofts automatic paperwork tools and features. Trace product both up and down the supply chain, over multiple companies (instead of the usual one up and one down traceability). Trace product back to a grower, area of land, crop batch/patch and all input materials and their related suppliers & batch/lot details. If you use farmsoft Post Harvest software, you can even trace product all the way to customers and invoices.

Simple, yet feature packed

Record farm records in the field from phone or tablet, or in the office using PC.  Simple interfaces and bar code scanning of inventory used delivers easy data entry.


Monitor costs and estimated costs in real time, accurately, at any time.  Automatic budgets project materials and cash flow required well in advance. View KPI information from the farm dashboard for profit, cost, yield & other important performance measurements.


farmsoft has handy functionality for every farm, including:  Full inventory management & stock take, multi farm & multi site (multiple farms run independently in one group), comprehensive reporting and more...


The best practice module delivers an ever evolving formula thats used to project farming task dates, materials, labor, and equipment required.  Ensuring correct tasks are performed at the correct time - never say 'Oh, we forgot to do that..' again!


Compliance with international GAP and food safety standards allows easy crop recalls, traceability, and pesticide and controlled substance monitoring and reporting. 


Managed training services from an experienced solution consultant delivers rapid deployment.  On-site and remote training options available.  Dedicated support consultant, and central support services for all farmsoft clients.  Years of providing real world solutions has refined farmsofts deployment process to make it fast, and minimize disruption to the business.

Your very own rocket, tailored 

Ok, we don't really build rockets.  But we can tailor farmsoft to match your exact businesses requirements.  No two businesses have the same goals and operating processes.  We understand this, and have a team of talented young rocket scientists  to deliver an outstanding solution with 100% fit.

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