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FarmERP Biotech is the latest and most advanced version for ERP software solution developed for management of Biotech and tissue culture companies. It is multi-module application software that integrates activities across functional departments, from production planning, lab production, hardening, stock and inventory to Sales and marketing and HR.

  • Comprehensive ERP solution that integrates data from all departments.
  • Helps in reducing operating cost through increased flexibility.
  • Facilitates day-to-day management.
  • Supports strategic planning and decision-making.
  • Facilitates production planning & scheduling.
  • Improves financial management and corporate governance.
  • Improves productivity and insight.
  • Real time access to information for efficient management.
  • Secured personified access to data at various levels.
  • Integrated system eliminates data integrity errors.
  • Enables control over stock, inventory and HR costs.
  • Inspection access for supervisors.
  • Improve co-ordination among functional departments.
  • Provides immediate access to enterprise information.
  • Generates strong MIS reports.
  • Can be customized as per specific requirements.
  • Integration with Bar-coding, biometric and other hardware devices is possible.
  • Deployed over LAN or Intranet based system.
  • Optimize IT spending.

  • Operator wise contamination and performance tapping
  • Inventory costs
  • Over planning or Under planning of Production
  • Inaccuracy and complicated calculations in Media preparation and stock solution preparation
  • Losses due to contamination
  • Losses due to improper inoculation, media loss
  • Losses due to breakage of bottles, test tubes
  • Customer wise order booking, delivery status ,invoicing and payment recovery
  • PIR Entries
  • Total number of resources like bottles, racks, shelves, operators, etc. required for production
  • Ready to dispatch plant stock
  • Cross verification of stock
  • Tracing the source of contamination
  • Tracing the plant sold to customer till its origin

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