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Are you struggling to meet lot tracking requirements? Are you confident your margins are staying in line with your costs? Do you have a good handle on your inventory including committed and on-order? iRely feed management software provides you with the means to quickly track customers, feed recipes, feed mixes, taxes, inventory items, lots, grain positions, and grain bank all with one simplified system.

Create and store recipes

iRely allows you to create and store recipes. These recipes not only include inventory items but grain bank and mixing charges as well. Recipes can be applied to more than one customer, saving you time in setting up and amending recipes. What if a customer wants a small change in a particular order? No problem.

When creating an order, you can override any information while maintaining the integrity of the original recipe. Do you have proprietary recipes? Protect those with iRely’s ability to reduce recipes on an invoice to a single line item. Do you manufacture medicated feeds? iRely stores medication tags and automatically prints them when needed. In short, you can count on iRely to give you the tools you need to simplify your feed recipe management.

Automate manufacturing

iRely also improves your feed manufacturing process. Create mix sheets and send them directly to the plant to avoid double entry, errors, and lost tickets. When a work order has been completed, it can then be turned into an invoice for quick and accurate billing.

This step also adjusts inventory and grain bank, reducing risk of shortages and overstock and for accurate customer reporting.

Improve inventory tracking

How much do I have on hand and where is it? How much do I need? How much is on order? How much of my inventory is committed? With the ability to enter orders directly into the system, iRely offers clear, concise, and easy-to-use answers to these and similar questions in REAL-TIME.

Properly tracking and accounting for inventory items has never been easier. iRely offers an extensive library of built-in reports as well as a set of tools for custom reporting. Two of the most heavily used reports by feed manufacturers are the Production Scheduling Report and the Material Requirements Reports.

These reports give you a glimpse into your future production requirements to help you avoid delays and shortages.

Interface with your plant mix system

Do you use a plant mix system to automate your feed production? Don’t lose efficiencies due to a lack of integration between your plant system and your software.

iRely has a library of prebuilt interfaces to plant mix systems such as Repete, WEM, Sterling, and Kahler. We have a long history of developing interfaces to meet customer needs.

Comply with tracking/traceability requirements

Good lot tracking procedures are key to meeting regulatory requirements and quickly rooting out problems in case of an emergency. This is especially important with medicated feeds due to increased governmental regulation.

With iRely you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that all your information is accurately accounted for. With iRely you can assign lots to products as you receive them and specify the lots used when you sell the product.

Need to create lots? No problem. iRely also gives you the ability to assign lots to formulated feeds as you manufacture them.

Automate tonnage tax reporting

Do you currently spend hours filing tonnage taxes manually? iRely’s Tonnage Tax Report offers tremendous labor savings for feed operations.

This report details the information you need to file in single or multiple counties/states.

Offer group and stage feeding

Be proactive with production agricultural customers that know in advance their feeding plans. iRely allows you to track the cost per head and the history pertaining to each stage and to the group as a whole.

The system calculates the feed used for the stage and informs you when it’s time to move to the next stage. By automating this process, you lock in business and ensure inventory is on hand when you need it.

Grain Bank

iRely Grain is your grain inventory and grain bank management solution, tracking positions as well as storage charges. iRely automatically syncs and updates your grain bank, Daily Position Report (DPR), and contract balances when a feed order is created and invoiced.

This not only ensures you have an accurate view of your grain position, but allows you to know a customer’s position as well. When a customer has grain bank or contracts for ingredients used in recipes, the system will print the relevant balances on the invoice.

With i21 Grain you can take advantage of industry leading technology such as integrated scale ticket, Live DPR, AAWCO, EDI, and online account inquiry. Ease the burden of regulatory requirements, improve your customer service, and greatly increase the efficiency in how you manage your grain.

Do you handle grain for more than just your feed operations? iRely Grain is designed to manage the full extent of the grain handling business including merchandising and trading.

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