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FIN 2D – Analysis of 2D Trusses and Frames by FEM



FIN 2D has been developed to performs structural analysis of 2D structures using the Finite Element Method (FEM). The program allows simple entering of structures and contains user-friendly interface to view results of structural analysis. Very close connection with design programs of FIN EC package gives you the advantage of verification the structure in these specialized programs and sending the results back to FIN 2D. Structures created in FIN 2D can be opened in FIN 3D and analyzed as 3D structures.

  • various types of supports (fixed, hinge, elastic, rotated)
  • common types of members (pinned, fixed or elastic joints), beams on elastic subgrade
  • database of common steel, timber, concrete and masonry cross-sections
  • database of materials according to various design standards (EC2, EC3, EC5, EC6)
  • user-defined cross-sections and materials
  • generator of most common structures (trusses, frames etc...)
  • import of structure layout in *.dxf file format
  • editing tools (copy, move, rotate, mirror etc...)
  • various types of loads (forces, moments, thermal loads, deformations)
  • load combinations in accordance with EN 1990 (basic, basic with load reduction, characteristic, frequent, quasi-permanent)
  • generator of combinations ( mutual excluding of selected load states, determination of main variable loads etc...)

  • diagrams of internal forces and deformations
  • envelopes of internal forces for selected load cases or combinations
  • members can be directly designed in programs Steel, Steel-Fire, Timber, Timber-Fire, Concrete 2D, Concrete 3D, Plain concrete and Concrete beam
  • identical members can be merged into design groups. Such design group is then checked as one member. Groups are verified as one member
  • additional design parameters (buckling etc...) are transferred between different design programs (e.g. Steel and Steel-Fire) automatically
  • FIN 2D automatically recalculates the structure in case of any cross-section change in design modules

  • always up-to-date analysis reports generated according to the tree menu
  • print of current view
  • copy of images through clipboard
  • export of structure into *.dxf file
  • copy of whole structure or selected parts into FIN 3D through clipboard

  • Second order - analysis of structures based on the Second order theory

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