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Our farm quality assurance software is designed for certified beef programs that focus on providing consumers more information about how their beef is raised and cared for, starting from cattle feeding operators to companies that process and market beef. We at Folio3 understand that implementation of beef certification program is a rigorous step by step process which requires extensive record keeping and verification. This is hard to do with paper based processes and operations as it is difficult as it is to store paper based data, let alone analyzing it for useful trends and patterns.

Our multi-platform mobile based solution addresses these challenges by digitizing and automating the current paper-based certified beef programs. The mobile app can be used by farm or factory workers to submit activity logs and checklists associated with each SOP. The backend web app enables certified beef program administrators to see a consolidated view of program compliance across all feed yards as well as beef processing units. With our farm quality assurance software, you can enjoy the benefits of a feature-rich solution that can be tailored to your needs so you can stop worrying about technology and focus on the success of your brand.

How We Helped ProgressiveBeef Digitize Farm Quality Assurance

ProgressiveBeef, the largest-ever cattle sustainability program verified through USDA approved auditors, wanted to create a mobile solution that would digitize its quality assurance program, guaranteeing meat quality from farm to the fork. Based on our track record, they chose us as their mobility partner to help them eliminate the paper-based program and develop the Progressive Beef Platform.

Today, our farm quality assurance software has completely digitized the ProgressiveBeef program. Here are the key features that the solution offers:

  • Web based dashboard for auditors, trainers and ranch owners.
  • Cross-platform mobile app for farm managers, supervisors and workers.
  • Real-time tracking of livestock daily care, home pen living conditions, water tank cleanliness, and more.
  • Farm managers can assign tasks to workers and view reports related to daily activities, task progress and operations.
Farm quality assurance made simpler, quicker and more effective
  • Give farm workers real-time access to enter activities and records on their mobile devices
  • Customize mobile app based on each feedyard’s operations.
  • Use dashboards for real-time tracking of livestock daily care, home pen living conditions, water tank cleanliness, and more.
  • Track handling and delivery of food nutrition to ensure compliance with HACCP principles for safety
  • Trace antibiotic use on a farm animal as well as withdrawal times.
  • Add multiple farms on a device and easily switch between them as needed.

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