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Many cattle feeders lack the control and visibility they want and need for effective quality and compliance management. Our feedlot management software solves this problem by providing a web and mobile based quality management solution that digitizes your paper-based processes and automates workflows, giving you real-time visibility into your critical quality metrics.

The multiplatform cattle feedlot software streamlines the management of workforce, activities and inventory. You can quickly create dynamic forms, setup data driven workflows and assign tasks to automate your processes. Your workforce can use the mobile app to submit activity logs and checklists associated with each task.

The backend web app allows you to see a consolidated view of quality compliance across your feed yard, allowing you to remedy quality related issues before they arise. With real-time insight into task progress, keeping track of productivity, measuring KPIs and identifying areas of improvement has never been easier.

  • Cattle Feedlot Management
  • Individual & Group Animal Records
  • Animal Health & Treatment Protocols
  • In-truck Feeding Solution
  • Bunk Management Solution
  • Ration Management Solution
  • Cattle Export Documentation
  • Cattle Weight Management
  • Cattle Inventory Management
  • Cattle Counting Software
  • Data-Driven, Real-Time Reports
  • Multi-Site Compatibility
How We Helped Progressive Beef Digitize Feedlot Management

ProgressiveBeef, one of the largest beef marketing progroup verified through USDA approved auditors, wanted to create a digtial certification program that would digitize its quality assurance program for feedlots. Based on our expertise in digital transformation of cattle operations, they chose us as their technology partner to help them eliminate the paper-based program and develop the Progressive Beef Platform.

Today, our feedlot management software has completely digitized the Progressive Beef program. Here are the key features that the solution offers:

  • Web based dashboard for feedlot auditors, trainers and growers.
  • iOS & Android mobile app for feedlot operators, supervisors and workers.
  • Tracking of animal care, pen living conditions, tank cleanliness, and more.
  • Supervisors can assign tasks to feedlot workers and view real-time reports on task progress.
Easily Create Custom Workflows to Automate Feedlot Management

Our feedlot software lets you easily assign tasks, create checklists and attach manuals. You can also track task progress, inventory used, cost incurred and more.

Dynamic Forms & Checklists

You can easily create and update forms and checklists to record a wide range of metrics needed to meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

Rule Based Alerts

Get instant notifications if there is any quality issues or rule violation in any area of your operations. Automatd alerts allow you to remedy any quality issue before it even arises.

Real-Time Analytics

With real-time insight into task progress, data collection, and worker performance, keeping track of productivity and measuring KPIs has never been easier.

Eliminate Paperwork & Collect Accurate Data with our Feedlot Record Keeping Software
Offline Data Records

Create a more efficient quality process by having feedlot workers submit activity logs and checklists even when offline so that your data is always up to date.

Photo Capture

Your workers can capture photos and videos of a completed task or activity, so you can ensure that work is done without the need for onsite inspection.


With our feedlot software you can get digital sign off from production specialists or supervisors for a completed task by providing digital signature and satisfaction rating.


Increase delivery quality and ensure outstanding performance by allowing workers to give and receive feedback against each activity and highlight if any changes are needed.

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